Vibration and knocking

Causes for anomalies Countermeasures
Machine vibration during operation

1. Balance or trim the grinding wheel.

2. Check whether or not the machine is horizontal, tighten the regulating elements and increase

the reversing time of the workbench.

3. Check the main bearing, work rail and head wheel slide.

Looseness of grinding wheel 1. Tighten the screws and nuts and install washers if necessary.
Fast wearing of grinding wheel 1. Use a harder grinding wheel.
Dullness of grinding wheel or adhesion of dirt

1. Use a softer or rougher grinding wheel.

2. Reduce the feed amount and increase the workbench speed.

3. Check the diamond dresser and increase the trimming frequency.

Vibration from external environment 1. Change the location of the machine and install it on isolated ground.